Artificial Intelligence Prosepcts in Engineering Troops

“The development of new means of engineering weapons is carried out continuously and in all directions. The latest technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, are focused on creating intelligent minefields with a "friend  or foe" identification system” says the Chief of Russian Engineering Troops lieutenant general Yuri Stavitsky.

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Engineer troops are one of the most diverse and technically supplied. They are equipped with more than 600 items of various means and sets of 80 types. This year more than 600 units of engineering weapons are expected to be supplied to the engineer troops, and the technologies constantly improve.

Artificial intelligence is necessary for engineering troops, so they can be used for automatic recognition of objects during engineering reconnaissance, for the search and clearance of explosives, and the orientation of autonomous robotic systems.

AI elements are planned to be introduced to provide image recognition, video stream, and speech functions to the control systems of advanced engineering robotic complexes for reconnaissance, mining, and mine clearance.

Artificial intelligence based on neural networks is applicable to control manipulators of light-class sapper robots, advanced automated command and control systems of operational and tactical units, as well as in robotic group control complexes. Another prospective use of AI is being implemented into a decision support system to perform engineering support tasks.

Last year 12 engineering novelties were accepted for supply. Among them are a portable diving mine detector MIV-3, a gabion mechanized installation set, UPVS-5 - a complex for obtaining water from snow and ice.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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