BMP on Boomerang platform Approved for Export-VPK

An infantry fighting vehicle based on the newest unified combat platform Boomerang received an export passport, which gives the right to sell it to foreign customers. This is reported by Interfax-AVN with reference to the manufacturer - "Military Industrial Company" (VPK).

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"The prototype BMP 'Boomerang' received an advertising passport and an export passport, which will position the new vehicle in the export market," - said "VPK" on its Instagram page on Wednesday, August 12.

They noted that the vehicle will be presented at the ARMY-2020 forum, which starts on August 23 in Moscow region.

In April, JSC Rosoboronexport announced that it was bringing the Boomerang combat platform to the world market:

"Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec state corporation) has begun promoting the newest unified combat platform Boomerang, developed and manufactured by Military Industrial Company LLC, to foreign markets," the company said on 23 April.

The head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, said that the platform makes it possible to create on its basis vehicles of the widest range of applications with various weapons and equipment.

“Countries of Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the CIS have already shown interest in“ Boomerang ”. We estimate the export volume of this platform in the foreseeable future at about $1 billion, the head of Rosoboronexport said at the time.

"Boomerang" is a floating wheeled platform with a drive on all four axles. The controls are in the front of the vehicle, the fighting compartment is in the middle, and the troop compartment is in the rear of the vehicle. The "Boomerang" can accommodate up to 11 personnel. Embarkation and disembarkation of the combat crew is carried out through the upper hatches and the aft door or ramp.

Combat modules can be mounted on the platform. These can be remote-controlled and manned modules with machine-gun, cannon or combined armament: a 30-mm automatic cannon and a 7.62-mm machine gun paired with it, a 30-mm automatic grenade launcher and two launchers with two anti-tank systems on each. And also a 12.7-mm machine gun "Kord" in the version for armoured personnel carriers.

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