Concern Avtomatika at IDEX-2021

The International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2021 is taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 21 to 25 February. Rosoboronexport is the organizer of the unified Russian stand where visitors can see the products of the leading holdings of the Rostec State Corporation and the enterprises of Russia's military-industrial complex.

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The New Defense Order. Strategy journal talked to the representatives of Concern Avtomatika, part of the Rostec State Corporation, about company's participation in IDEX-2021 and about military-technical cooperation with countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

- Tell us about your participation in IDEX-2021 and about the products you are presenting this year.

- Within the framework of the International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2021 in Abu Dhabi, the Avtomatika Concern of Rostec State Corporation is presenting the Kupol-PRO portable UAV countermeasures system.

The Kupol-PRO portable device for jamming communication and control equipment of unmanned aerial vehicles is designed to protect the airspace of critical objects by means of a protective electromagnetic effect on the onboard electronic subsystems of the drone and render them inoperable. Compared to analogues, the product has a larger radius of action. "Kupol" [Russian for "dome"] is made in the form of quick-assembly units that allow one person to assemble and disassemble the product in 3 minutes.

On the second day of IDEX-2021, February 22, 2021, we held a presentation at our stand under the title "New approaches to building a system for combating UAVs." During this presentation, experts from Rosoboronexport spoke about other projects by the Avtomatika Concern. One of the most notable solutions of the company is the UAVs detection and counteraction transportable complex "Rubezh-Avtomatika", designed for continuous radio surveillance and detection of signals from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and generation of counter signals.

UAVs detection and counteraction transportable complex «Rubezh-Avtomatika»

- Since 2019, there has been a talk about Avtomatika Concern starting to enter the markets of the Middle East, offering its own systems for countering UAVs. Have countries or private companies expressed their interest in purchasing these systems? Have you already signed any contracts?

- Concern Avtomatika is actively entering foreign markets, offering solutions for countering UAVs, not only in the Middle East, but also North Africa and Southeast Asia customers are showing interest in our systems. Due to the pandemic, all work with foreign customers has stopped, but now, resuming our work, we are going to sign contracts with several countries. A number of contracts are already in progress.

- Are there any projects to develop partnerships with the countries of the region in the field of civil and dual-use products? If so, which ones?

- Today we are communicating with a major partner in the Middle East and expect to sign a cooperation agreement in the near future. We are also open to cooperation with all companies that are ready to build their business on mutual respect and striving for great results. 

-What is the potential you see in the Middle East for the export of information security audit services and IT infrastructure inventory services? Are there any certain specifics for work in this region?

- Concern Avtomatika has high chances to develop projects in the Middle East, we are working on this. As for the specifics of the region, perhaps, it is the high competition that exists there.

- How do you assess the competition in your sphere in the Middle East?

- In fact, we have the same competitors everywhere. Our solutions are in no way inferior to the developments of other countries. Concern Avtomatika offers a wide range of competitive means of various spectrums of action for countering UAVs. To date, the company's portfolio of developments includes systems for countering unmanned aerial vehicles "Pishchal-PRO", "Taran-PRO", "Sapsan-Bekas", complexes "Kupol" and "Luch". Our equipment can be safely and effectively used in urban environments, at high-tech industrial facilities, to protect infrastructures in various segments.

- In early 2020, the Avtomatika Concern began to build close ties with the business community of Saudi Arabia to implement joint projects to protect infrastructures. Has the pandemic stopped this process or not? 

- As already mentioned, the pandemic stopped this process, and it has just begun to recover. We are actively working in this direction.

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