Friendship-2020 Joint Russian-Pakistani Military Exercise

Events of the fifth joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise Friendship-2020 commenced on 8 November at the training ground of the special operations forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the village of Tarbela, stated the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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The joint exercise will be held on the territory of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the locality of Tarbala (50 km northwest of Islamabad), as well as at the National counter-terrorism center in Pabbi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, said the Ministry.

“Pakistan and Russia are united in the fight against terrorism. The Friendship exercise gives us the opportunity to strengthen relations between the military personnel of the two countries," said Major General Nayer Nasser, the head of the combat training department of the Pakistan army.

Troops from the two countries will exchange experience in combat training missions in highlands as well as in fighting against illegal armed gangs. The joint exercises are aimed at strengthening and developing military cooperation between the two countries.

From the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, more than 70 soldiers of the special purpose unit of the 49th Southern Military District (SMD) combined arms army, stationed in Stavropol, are involved in the exercise.

The Friendship-2020 military exercise includes more than 150 servicemen from both countries. The exercise started in 2016; two exercises have been held in Russia and three in Pakistan so far. The exercise is conducted in accordance with the plan of international military cooperation and will last until November 21.

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