“Marker” Is Tested As an Anti-UAV Defense System

The "Marker" robot, which is supposed to be used against UAVs, in particular kamikaze drones, was tested in Russia. There are high hopes for a promising robot, capable of performing various functions. Evgeny Dudorov, the executive director of the "Android Technics" SPA, told RIA that the robot was tested as an air defense system.

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The robot is able to detect drones in automatic mode and hit them with the means installed on the combat module. Its characteristics will allow the robot to destroy aircraft at a short distance.

Dudorov stated that there is a tendency to use kamikaze drones, which operate in accordance with the program algorithm without communication with a drone command center. This fact undermines the effectiveness of control channel jamming. Thus, the kamikaze drones group attacks pose a significant threat.

To cope with the aforementioned problem, the “Marker” received a radar, which is able to recognize targets in a small area of dispersion. After identification, the target is tracked by optics and hit by a machine gun. The small-arms system in the short-range air defense system configuration is capable of rotating at speeds of 350 degrees per second.

Neural networks help to identify targets, which in some cases will cope with the task better than a human operator. According to Dudorov, "Marker" demonstrates good results in the fight against aerial targets. In the future, it may receive a variety of weapons, including its own kamikaze drones and missiles.

The "Marker" experimental robotic platform was developed at the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry. It is positioned as a platform that will allow the creation of warfare models.


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