MiG-31BM destroyed a mock violator of the state border during an exercise

Duty pairs of high-altitude MiG-31BM intercept fighters of the air force and air defence formation of the Central Military District during an exercise in Siberia destroyed a mock violator of the state border by targeting of the long-range radar detection aircraft A-50. As part of the exercise, the radar aircraft A-50 detected and identified fighter-class targets with the help of the «Shmel» radio system, the role of which was performed by MiG-31BM interceptors.

The violators performed low-altitude maneuvers at a distance of about 370 km.

MiG-31BM crews on combat duty received target designation to hit single targets, performed guidance and electronic launches of air-to-air guided missiles.

The exercise involved 7 units of aviation equipment: 6 MiG-31BM interceptors, acting as intruders and duty forces, as well as an AEW&C A-50 aircraft, which was in the air for more than 5 hours and performed about 30 targeting missions.

Source - MoD

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