ROE Presents Russian Defence Products at EDEX 2021

“Rosoboronexport” (ROE)– the organizer of the all-Russian exposition at the Egypt Defence EXPO (EDEX) 2021, which tool place from 29 November to 02 December in Cairo, held a presentation of some Russian defence products. The presentation was conducted on the second day of EDEX. The “New Defence Order. Strategy” attended the presentation.


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Rosoboronexport” specialists presented the “Kornet-EM” missile system and its crew equipment. According to the Deputy General Director of the “High Precision Weapons” holding Sergei Mikhailov, “Kornet-EM” has become a universal anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), which is adapted to any tracked or wheeled chassis with a respective carrying capacity.

“Kornet-EM” ATGM – is a 24/7 high precision long-range missile launcher with a fully jam-resistant control system for fighting ground and air targets. The system can be effectively used in the conditions of electronic and optical interference set by the adversary. In its presentation, ROE highlighted the system’s characteristics and opportunities in detail and also covered specifics of its use, considering the relevant battle experience. 

Special attention was paid to the STRELETS Reconnaissance, Command and Communication System (RCCS), produced by the Radioavionica Corporation. The system provides troops with the organizing of more efficient communication on the battlefield. The system is composed of an operational control panel, vital activity registrar, satellite radio stations, rangefinder-goniometer device, “Fara-VP” close reconnaissance portative radiolocation station, a headset with the function of active noise reduction and amplification of quiet sounds. The RCCS is integrated into “Ratnik” equipment and compatible with modern reconnaissance means. The system also has passed combat experience in Syria.

A wide range of small arms produced by Kalashnikov Concern was displayed during the presentation: Lebedev pistol, 100- and 200- series AK, the most modern AK-15, AK-19, AK-308, and also the most recent PPK-20 submachine gun.

Lebedev compact pistol (LCP) – is a 9-mm pistol, designed for use by operative police and special service officers. The compact size of the pistol allows for concealed carry. In October 2021 the Lebedev pistol entered service with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

PPK-20 submachine gun, first introduced at the ARMY`-2021 Forum, is intended for Russian Aerospace Forces pilots. PPK-20 has a large export potential as far as it is able to use standard 9x19-mm rounds both produced in Russia and abroad.

Kalashnikov AK-12 5.45-mm assault rifle – is a prospective individual small arm for the army and other law enforcement agencies, ensuring a better combat efficiency of a weapon. Kalashnikov AK-15 7.62-mm assault rifle based on the AK-12 design is intended for use by special forces.

Export-oriented AK-19 is based on the AK-12, uses a 5.56x45-mm round, which is adopted by NATO and is widely spread in the world. The Concern has already received applications for AK-19 export supplies. AK-308 is also focused on export to countries where armed forces use 7.62x51-mm rounds as primary small arms ammunition for the infantry.

In total, more than 350 samples of Russian defense industry products were presented at the Rosoboronexport stand. Rosoboronexport also organised separate stands to demonstrate the products of Almaz-Antey Concern, the Research Institute of Steel, as well as the holdings belonging to the Rostec State Corporation: High-Precision Weapons, Russian Helicopters, Technodinamika, and Ruselectronics. Generally, the Russian defense industry in Egypt is represented by more than a thousand product samples.

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