Russia Accounts for 29% of the Global Combat Helicopters Market

Russia accounts for 29% of the global market of combat helicopters, which provides it with the second place in the world list of manufacturers of this equipment. The most successful products are Mi-24/35, Ka-52 and Mi-28. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Military Helicopters directory at its disposal, published by the British publishing group Shephard Media.

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According to the publication, Russia ranks second in the combat helicopter market after the United States, which accounts for 62% of the market. "Turning to the second largest supplier of combat helicopters, Russia, [it is worth noting that] its market share, 29%, was achieved thanks to three successful production lines, in particular, Mi-24/35, Ka-52 and Mi-28," TASS cites the Military Helicopters

According to Shephard Media researchers, Mi-24/35 helicopters are currently the second most popular combat helicopters in the world - 521 rotary-wing vehicles of this family are in service of the armed forces around the world. Experts also note that the Mi-28 and Ka-52 are competitors of modern Western-made combat helicopters.

"Russian developments [in the field of helicopter construction] may have an advantage when countries with limited budgets try to get new opportunities in the field of military helicopter equipment," the report says. Shephard Media experts cite the Mi-35M transport and combat helicopter as an example of such a machine, which provides "most of the capabilities of a modern attack helicopter and can carry up to eight additional soldiers".

Soruce: TASS

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