Russian Army Gets 6,500 New Weapons in 2019

The Russian Armed Forces have received more than 6,500 new and modernized weapons, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the ministry’s year-end board meeting, attended by President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.


«All objectives outlined in the Defense Ministry activity plan and the state defense order for 2019 were completed. The highest performance index was reached in the last four years on supplies of weapons and hardware. Delivering more than 6,500 new and modernized weapons to the army increased the share of modern weaponry to 68.2%,» he said.

He underlined that the Russian president’s order to equip strategic nuclear forces with completely new striking systems is implemented. «The level of advancement in the [Russian] Strategic Missile Forces eclipsed 76%, while its level in [Russia’s] nuclear triad reached 82%,» Shoigu stressed.

Source - TASS

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