Russian-India Agreement on the Protection of Space Technologies

The government of Russia has approved a draft agreement between Russia and India on the protection of technologies in the field of space cooperation between the two countries, reports Interfax.

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The order was published on Monday on the portal of legal information. According to this agreement, negotiations on behalf of the Russian government to conclude an agreement with the Indian side will be conducted by Roscosmos.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two countries will provide legal and physical protection of products and technologies for the implementation of joint space programmes and projects and in the creation of launch vehicles and ground space infrastructure.

The agreement provides for control over the issuance of licenses and certification, customs clearance and transportation of products, their labeling, as well as joint search and rescue operations in the event of an emergency during transportation, storage, or launch.

The purpose of joint actions is to prevent "any unauthorized access to protected objects and technologies", their transfer not for their intended purpose and misuse, as well as to ensure control and their effective use.

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