Russian MoD Builds 16 Multifunctional Military Medical Centres

At the site of the medical center in Odintsovo, a teleconference was held under the leadership of Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Timur Ivanov, during which reports on the conduct of work from all construction sites were heard via video conference. Over the past day, the number of workers involved in the construction sites of 16 multifunctional medical centers being built by the Russian Ministry of Defence in 15 regions of the country has been increased by 1,000, and today has amounted to more than 4,500 people.

Works are deployed on construction sites around the clock in three shifts. Foundations were filled at all construction sites, and the buildings of new centres were being installed. Over 800 pieces of construction and special equipment are involved in the facilities. It should be noted that the construction of all 16 medical centers is ahead of schedule.

The construction of multifunctional medical centers is being carried out on behalf of the Supreme commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The work is carried out by specialists of the Military construction complex of Russian Defence Ministry with the participation of engineering and railway troops.

According to the Deputy Minister, capital projects are being built using modern technologies that reduce the construction time while achieving the maximum quality and operational characteristics of the built medical centers.

Considering the importance of the task, coordination and control over the construction of centers is carried out around the clock, including through the National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation.

Each center will be equipped with the most advanced equipment, including CT scanners, anesthesiology, endoscopy, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

  The corresponding staff and composition of medical personnel of the centers is determined. To date they are on training and profession development courses at the Military Medical Academy of Russian Defence Ministry.

The necessary stock of personal protective equipment and medications is being formed for future centers.

The first multifunctional medical center in Nizhny Novgorod will be commissioned by April 20 this year. Also, in the period from 10 to 15 April, the first eight centers will be provided with the supply and installation of property and medical equipment.

"The completion of the measures will allow providing the necessary medical care to patients from both the military and, if necessary, the civilian population," Timur Ivanov said.

Source - MoD

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