State Defense Order: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles For MoD

Within three years, the Ural civil aviation factory will supply the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with 10 reconnaissance complexes with updated «Forpost-R»unmanned aerial vehicles. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Alexey Krivoruchko during a visit to the UCAF in Yekaterinburg in the framework of checking the fulfillment of the state defense order in 2020 by enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

«In December last year, we signed a contract for the supply of 10 complexes with UAV «Forpost-R», - said the Deputy head of the military Department, adding that in 2020, the Defence Ministry plans to sign a contract for the supply of 18 more of these complexes.

Alexey Krivoruchko noted that «Forpost-R» is being developed by «UCAF» within the framework of import substitution works using domestic materials and components.

The Deputy Defence Minister also recalled that the stage of factory testing of UAVs has already been completed, and a program of its state tests is currently being developed.

In addition, the Deputy head of the military Department added that the Russian Defence Ministry and UCAF signed a contract to create an updated version of the «Altius» reconnaissance and strike UAV.

«In December of last year, we signed a state contract for the implementation of the «Altius-RU» to create a reconnaissance and strike complex with a long-duration flight UAV of a new generation, equipped with a complex of satellite communications, elements of artificial intelligence that can interact with manned aircraft,» Alexey Krivoruchko said.

For reference:

«Altius-RU» — the final appearance of the UAV created as a result of development and testing of a number of prototypes.

The complex is capable of performing the entire spectrum of reconnaissance tasks using optical, radio and radar means with the flight time more 24 hours The weight of the device is about six tons. Features of the complex are the use of a satellite control channel, which makes the radius of its operation almost unlimited.

«Forpost-R» - is a completely updated modification of the well — established «Forpost» complex.

The aircraft was created from domestic materials, it was equipped with modern electronic and communication equipment. Ground-based control complex and software produced in Russia. The «Forpost-R» is also equipped with a modern domestic engine.

The complex has received new opportunities thanks to advanced domestic developments which allow to conduct reconnaissance around the clock with the use of not only optical, but also radio and radar equipment. This is a unique capabilities for UAVS of this class. The new radio line has increased the range of application of the complex by 100 km and has increased protection from foreign technical means. Weight is about 500 kg. Flight duration is 18 hours altitude up to 6 thousand meters.

Source - MoD

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