Engineer Troops of the Russian Federation On ARMY 2020

Speech by the Head of the Engineer Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation within ARMY 2020 International Military and Technical Forum.

Questions and answers.

1. What are engineering troops today? What tasks are assigned to them?

Currently, the engineering troops of the Armed Forces consist of military command and control bodies, formations, military units and subdivisions of engineering troops of the types, branches of the armed forces and troops that are not included in arms and services of troops of the Armed Forces. They are designed to perform the most complex tasks of engineering support, requiring special training of personnel, the use of engineering equipment, engineering ammunition and engineering property.

The engineering troops are entrusted with many tasks, the most extensive of which are fortification equipment, the arrangement and maintenance of engineering barriers, clearance, training and maintenance of troop movement routes, equipment and maintenance of crossings.

The unique diversity of tasks led to the exceptional breadth of the range of engineering hardware: in the troops, which are one of the most diverse and technically saturated, there are more than 800 of them.

Constant and systematic work is underway to improve thespecifications of the weapons and military hardware samples, which have already proved themselves. Fundamentally new equipment are created on the basis of innovative technologies.

2. What samples of new weapons, military and special hardware, including robotic ones, were accepted in 2019? What are the plans for 2020?

The development of domestic engineering weapons is carried out taking into account maintaining parity or ensuring superiority over foreign analogues.

In 2019, 14 promising engineering weapons were adopted to supply the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. For example, the new towing and motor boats intended for motorization of pontoon parks. These are sets of radar simulators of a moving column of military and special equipment, and the latest mine detectors - IMP-3, deep mine detector MG-1I and combined mine detector PPO-2I. Also, the BUM-2 drilling vehicle and other samples.

At the same time, continuous work on the development and creation of new means of engineering weapons that meet modern requirements continues in all areas.

Work continues on the creation of robotic systems for engineer troops:

IMRTK-RT heavy-duty engineering multifunctional robotic mine clearing complex designed to make passages in anti-tank minefields and continuous clearance of the area from explosive objects in remote control mode, as well as IMRTK-SR engineering multifunctional robotic assault and barrage complex designed to ensure the advancement of troops and performance of engineering work in the conditions of enemy fire, including to ensure advance engineering assault units in urban and industrial developments.

To increase the mobility of the troops, new tools are being created to overcome the destruction, obstacles and mechanization of earthwork.

Instead of the IMR-3M demarcation engineering vehicle and the BAT-2 track layer, a universal armored engineering vehicle was developed and undergoes state trials on the components and assemblies of the T-72BZ tank. The machine is equipped with a combat module to defeat manpower and lightly armored enemy vehicles.

Instead of the obsolete tank bridge layers, work is underway to create the MTU-2020 tank bridgelayer. In contrast to the bridge-laying troops, which are supplied with troops, the capacity of the new bridge is increased to 60 tons, which will ensure the crossing of T-14 Armata tanks as well.

To replace heavy mechanized bridges ТММ-ЗМ1 and ТММ-ЗМ2, a heavy mechanized bridge ТММ-7 with an increased length of the bridge structure is being developed. In the new bridge, due to the use of modern lightweight composite materials in the span, the span length has been increased to 16 meters, and an increase in the support height to 5 m will allow expanding the depth capabilities of the obstacles to be overcome.

In order to obtain water for household needs and desalinated water of drinking quality from snow and ice, as well as to purify water from surface sources in the Arctic and the Far North, an installation for producing water from snow and ice UPVS-5 is being developed. Capacity - not less than 5 cubic meters water per hour, intended for household needs, and 2.5 cubic meters. m of desalinated drinking water.

Collaboration was organized with industrial enterprises to proactively develop new components of engineering equipment - an exoskeleton and a backpack of a sapper.

As a result of the implementation of the planned measures for the development of engineering weapons, it is expected to increase the capabilities of the engineering troops in carrying out engineering support tasks and maintaining them at the required level.

The technical re-equipment of formations and military units with promising and modern models in comparison with existing ones will make it possible to increase the level of accomplishment of engineering support tasks by an average of 30 percent.

3. In 2020, the Russian Ministry of Defenсe will hold the VI ARMY International Military and Technical Forum. To what extent will military engineers take part in the event?

The Office of the Head of Engineering Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will take an active part in the preparation of the VI International Military and Technical Forum.

The exposition of engineering troops will be composed of existing and promising models of engineering weapons, which will be presented both at static expositions located in the pavilions and on the open areas of the Patriot park, and during the dynamic display of special equipment at the facilities of the Alabino training ground.

In total, more than 60 samples of military engineering equipment, devices for searching and neutralizing explosive objects, sets of group and individual equipment of sappers, as well as other means used by engineer troops in conducting special tasks are planned.

Within the framework of the Forum, we will demonstrate a whole line of existing and promising means of engineering reconnaissance. Including the latest means, the work of which is based on a combination of the physical principles of the search, detection and identification of explosive objects in various covering environments.

4. What is planned as part of the scientific and business programme of the Forum?

Within the framework of the scientific and business programme of the Forum, the Military Scientific Committee of the Engineering Troops and the Central Research and Testing Institute of the Engineering Troops have planned to hold round tables on the prospects for the development of engineering weapons using innovative technologies and developments in Russian science and the defence industry.

5. Please tell us about the dynamic program planned by your control bodies during the Forum?

During the dynamic demonstration planned at the facilities of the Alabino training ground, guests of the International Military and Technical Forum Army 2020 will be able to see various tactical episodes involving the engineering personnel and equipment. During the demonstration programme, a demonstration of the possibility of engineering hardware was planned.

Engineering and sapper units will show actions for reconnaissance of approaches to the water barrier for the presence of mine-explosive barriers and making a passage in them. The transfer and landing units will demonstrate the equipment and maintenance of the landing crossing and the ferry crossing, and the pontoon ferries - the equipment and maintenance of the bridge crossing. Practical steps will be shown of the crews of IMR-3M demolition engineering vehicles when making passages in mined blockages and for crews of MTU-72 for installing a bridge over an obstacle, as well as for crews of BMR-ZMA for mine clearing. Engineering units equipped with OVR-ZSh suits kit will show the order of advancement to the capture object under cover. Sappers in the course of the task will use promising means - a passive exoskeleton and a flexible sleeve for feeding cartridges to a machine gun.

Source - MoD

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