India-France Defence Partnership: A New Chapter

France's Minister of Defence Florence Parly paid a visit to India to induct France-made RAFAEL aircraft into the Indian Air Force. In her words, with this programme to deliver the 36 aircraft to India France and India are now writing a new chapter in the India-France defence partnership.

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“In military terms, it means that India will acquire a world-class capability, truly among the best in the world that would give your air force an incredible sovereign tool [...] In strategic terms, it means India will have an edge over the entire region to defend itself and protect its people," said Parly speaking at the ceremony at Ambala air base.

She added that “both meanings express an incredible strength [...] It is also a symbol of the strong ties between two countries.”

At the same ceremony the French Defence Minister expressed France's support of the "Make In India" initiative saying that this initiative has been a reality for the French industry for several years, particularly for defence equipment like submarines.

“We are fully committed to the Make in India initiative as well as to the further integration of Indian manufactures into our global supply chains [...] Many French companies and design offices are now established in India and now I hope that others will come to offer their support and services.

"We have decided to continue working on identified industrial areas and issues of military to military cooperation. I have invited French manufacturers to invest in India’s defence corridors, "said India's Defence Minister Ranjath Singh.

Ranjath added that the presence of the French Defence Minister at the induction ceremony was a reflection strong India-France defence partnership. "The induction of Rafale fighter jets in IAF is a big & momentous occasion for India," he added.

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