Indian Specialists to be Trained to Use S-400 System

In anticipation of deliveries of the S-400 Triumph air defense systems purchased by India, a group of Indian military specialists will be sent to Russia to learn how to work with the air defense system. This was reported by the Indian newspaper Times of India on Monday, January 11.

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The newspaper said, citing a source, that the first group of specialists of about 100 people will leave for Russia at the end of January, the next group will be sent for training in a few months.

The first deliveries of the S-400 Triumph complexes to India are expected in September-October 2021. The Times of India recalled that all S-400 systems under the $5.43 billion contract signed in 2018 must be delivered to the customer by April 2023. The publication also added that India has already made advance payments for the work. The newspaper's source said that the first S-400 should be operational by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

One of the obstacles in the implementation of military-technical cooperation even with the main partners for Russia is the sanctions imposed by the United States for the purchase of Russian weapons. So the United States imposed financial sanctions on China and Turkey for the acquisition of the S-400. India previously launched a major military-diplomatic campaign to convince the Trump administration that the acquisition of the S-400 is for it "an urgent national security requirement," writes the Times of India.

Russia has also supported its upcoming S-400 air defense missile shipments to India, stating that both India and Russia consider all sanctions unlawful except those imposed by the UN Security Council.

Let the Biden administration first announce its foreign poli ..

"Let the Biden Administration first announce its foreign policy vision. We do not recognize such unilateral sanctions though and India's position on this is crystal clear too. No sanctions, other than those by UNSC, are aknowldeged, "said the Russian Ambassador to India Nikolai Kudashev.

According to Nikolai Kudashev, in the field of military-technical cooperation between Russia and India, progress is also expected on agreements regarding the production of Ka-226 helicopters and AK-203 assault rifles in India, provided that "appropriate decisions" are made taking into account "deep interests" Indian Armed Forces.

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