Iran’s Navy Receives 112 Missile Boats

The Naval Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have received 112 military boats. The delivery of the boats was accompanied by a ceremony held in the port city of Bandar Abbas. 

Iranian experts worked on the development of these boats, with the aim of increasing the Naval Forces' capabilities in the Persian Gulf.

"We have increased the speed to 92 knots/h in our military vessels at sea by means of indigenised know-how," Rear Admiral Tangsiri said to Fares News Agency. He added that these vessels are three times faster than US vessels, mainly thanks to enhancement of their engine structures.

These vessels are said to have advanced capabilities in the field of naval combat, including intelligence, radar evasion, high mobility, manoeuvrability, and high speed. 

“More than 80% of the equipment, including telecommunication devices, radars and control and monitoring systems used in vessels are manufactured domestically, and all systems for weapon guidance are localised by the ministry of defence,” said the Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami.

Last October there was an announcement about Iran's plans to manufacture speed boats which voyage at the speed of 100 knots per hour.

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