LaunchingS. Korea’s First Military Satellite

American and South Korean media has been circulating reports about the possibility of launching South Korea's first military satellite next week.

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State-owned Yonhap News Agency reported, based on information provided by american websites on space launch schedules, that South Korea's first military communications satellite could be launched into space next week.

According to these news reports, the Anasis-II satellite is expected to be launched on 14 July on a Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket by U.S.-based commercial space firm SpaceX.

On 10 June, Airbus announced that the ANASIS-II has left the Airbus cleanrooms in France and has been shipped to Cape Canaveral in Florida "for its forthcoming launch."

The satellite is based on the Airbus Eurostar E3000 satellite platform and will "provide secured communications over wide coverage," according to Airbus. ANASIS-II will be the 52th Eurostar E3000 satellite launched and will operate in geostationary orbit, said the manufacturer.

This project is part of an offset package for South Korea's purchase of 40 F-35A fighter jets from Lockheed Martin in 2014. Lockheed subcontracted the satellite manufacturing deal in 2016 to Airbus Defense and Space.

Currently, the South Korean military relies on international and civilian-owned satellites for communications.

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