MEDUSA 2020: France & UAE Join the Excercise

The Multinational exercise Medusa 2020 kicked off on Monday. The exercise, which is held in the period between 30 November and 6 December 2020 is conducted in the broader region of Alexandria, Egypt, within the Cairo FIR. Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, and for the first time in history, France and the United Arab Emirates joined the exercise.

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The MEDUSA exercises started in 2017, it is part of the tripartite cooperation between Cyprus, Greece, and Egypt in defense and security.  "This cooperation is significantly strengthened this year as for the first time forces from France and the United Arab Emirates will participate," said the Cypriot Ministry of Defence in a statement.

The exercise is divided into three phases, during which objects of search and rescue, electronic warfare, surface exercises and naval formations will be examined.

According to the Cypriot Ministry of Defence, Cyprus will participate in the exercise with the Offshore Ship (PATH) "A. IOANNIDIS ”and with an Officer Liaison to the joint staff for the coordination of the exercise. 

This exercise was not received well by Turkey. According to Greek City Times, the Turkish Defense Ministry spokeswoman Pınar Kara said: “Another exercise has been added to the countries that have united against Turkey, such as Greece, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the Greek Cypriots, and France, and since August they have been conducting successive exercises in the Mediterranean and trying to increase tensions.”

“The exercise, which will begin on November 30 off the coast of Egypt with the participation of the five countries air forces, will end on December 6. This exercise shows once again who wants tensions and avoids dialogue and does not want peace,” she added.

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