Saudi Arabia Aims at Localising Military Industries

The Governor of the General Authority for Military Industries in Saudi Arabia (GAMI), Ahmad A. Al-Ohali, confirmed, on Saturday, that his country has an ambitious project to localise military industries within "Vision 2030".

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Al-Ohali said on the sidelines of his participation in the International Defence Conference IDC 2021 in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi: "The Corona pandemic has pushed us years towards the future, especially at the level of supply chains, where technology has been employed in an unprecedented way," he said.

The governor of the General Authority for Military Industries in the Kingdom added, "Despite the pandemic, the Kingdom's military industries sector continued to operate effectively at the level of supply chains thanks to the logistical infrastructure and the employment of technology and digital capabilities that the Kingdom invested in for many years," as he put it.

Al-Ohali continued, saying: "The Kingdom has launched an ambitious project to localise military industries, whose objectives have been precisely defined by the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and we are working with our allies and friends from all over the world to achieve our goals based on mutual benefits and common interests."

The Saudi official posted a tweet on his official Twitter page in which he said: “Today I was pleased to participate in the dialogue session of the International Defense Conference 2021 in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, during which we discussed innovative opportunities in managing supply chain systems for the post-Corona era, as we emphasized supporting digital transformation as a turning point. Significant in developing supply chain systems and will boost the sector's growth globally, "he said.

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