KA-31: Indian Navy Cutting Down On Procurement

With forced budget cuts hitting hard, the Indian Navy is pulling back on procurement of combat systems, cutting down on the numbers planned to be acquired in some cases and foreclosing other projects that have hit a dead end. The rationalisation process, which is likely to be approved by the defence ministry, has been initiated after consecutive budgets whereprojected demands of the Navy have not been met.

In particular, it is planning to cut down the acquisition of Kamov KA 31 early warning helicopters to six, from the original requirement of ten systems. These choppers are deployed from large combatants such as the aircraft carrier to significantly increase the detection range for incoming enemy units

The cutting down on procurement does not come as a surprise as the Navy has already informed the parliamentary standing committee on defence that the paucity of funds will hit moderisation. The Navy has already projected a short fall in Aircraft Carriers, Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMVs), Landing Platform Docks (LPDs) and Fleet Support Ships (FSSs).

While the Navy had plans to be a 200 warship force by 2027, the budget cuts have changed this target to 175, with senior officers saying that the priority is on using available resources optimally.

Source - The Economic Times

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