Egypt and Greece Sign a Military Cooperation Programme

Egypt and Greece have signed a bilateral military cooperation programme, said the Greek Ministry of Defence. This Program includes a wide range of actions focusing mainly on conducting joint exercises and training activities of all three Branches of the Armed Forces of both countries.

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A meeting between delegations of the Greek National Defence General Staff and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Egypt was held on April 7, 2021. The meeting resulted in signing a Bilateral Military Cooperation Programme for the year 2021. 

In its statement, the Greek National Defence General Staff said that in 2021 it is planned to further strengthen cooperation between Egypt and Greece. This will be achieved through using of educational facilities on both sides, upgrading of the "MEDUSA" exercise and the enlargement achieved with the participation of other friends and allies in it, which highlights the crucial role played by Greece and Egypt in the wider Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa as pillars of stability and security.

Egypt also signed a tripartite military cooperation programme with Greece and Cyprus on 6 April 2021.  

This Sunday, 18 April, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visited Egypt where he discussed with his Egyptian counterparts bilateral relations and the recent regional developments in the eastern Mediterranean. 

The spokesman of the Egpytian Ministry of Foreign affairs tweeted that "the meeting is held in order for the deliberations and the two countries’ coordination on bilateral and regional matters of common interest to continue pointing out the long standing relations between the two countries."

Greece has been intensively working on expanding military cooperation with traditional NATO allies as well as Middle Eastern powers in a race to modernise its armed forces and face its militarily assertive neighbor Turkey.

During a multinational military exercises joined by fighter jets from the United States, France, Israel, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said: "We cannot be naive. We are facing a new set of threats, [...] Our world is extremely complex and our neighborhood is, unfortunately, becoming more unstable. Greece will continue to strengthen its defense capabilities and upgrade its armed forces."

Greece also signed agreements worth $1.65 billion with Israel's military and defense contractor Elbit Systems to create a new flight academy near the southern Greek city of Kalamata.

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