Roselectronics Presents Runway Condition Monitoring System


The equipment helps promptly prepare an airfield and prevent aircraft from rolling off the runway. 


At the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019, Roselectronics holding (Rostec member) for the first time demonstrated its new runway condition monitoring system. 



Use of an unrivaled electronic-mechanical braking device reduces the measurement error down to maximum 0.02%, which is five times lower than that of the foreign counterparts. 

The civil version meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization and is fitted with a water supply system to simulate precipitation and measure adhesion coefficient on wet pavement.

Currently the system is undergoing designer testing; the start of batch production of the equipment is scheduled for Q4 2019. Roselectronics Holding (member of Rostec) is ready to offer its new development at a price five times lower than that of foreign equivalents. 

Original publication: Rostec


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