SPLAV: Fire Control

Joint-stock company SPLAV Scientific Production Association named after A. Ganichev is a leading enterprise in the development of multiple rocket launch systems (MRLS) both for the Army and the Navy. Our company is part of the management network of the Technodinamika Holding company of the Rostec State Corporation – the managing organization being the JSC Techmash SPC.


Through the years of its existence, SPLAV has developed outstanding systems such as Grad, Uragan, Smerch for the Army; Grad-M, Udav-1M, Ogon’, Damba, RPK-8 for the Navy; as well as dozens of unique manufacturing techniques for rocket projectiles. Also, artillery shell cases of calibers from 23 to 152 mm made of various materials have been elaborated. Today, our engineering developments and production techniques in the field of rocket artillery and shell cases production are world-renowned.

Specialists of the company have developed modernization programs for Grad and Smerch systems. These programs have ensured execution of fire missions to destroy an enemy over a distance of 40 and 90 km correspondingly, enhancing capabilities of fire engagement against typical targets, the computerization of the fire preparation and delivery, and upgrade of the launch vehicles.

JSC ‘SPLAV SPA’ named after A. Ganichev offers for international defense markets upgraded Grad and Smerch MRLSs, including various-purpose warheads rocket projectiles with a firing range of 40 and 90 km correspondingly, and upgrade of previously delivered launch vehicles for these systems; the state-of-the-art Tornado-G MRLS; rocket projectiles for TOS-1A MRLS; the new generation of the 80-mm unguided aircraft rocket armament: HE-fragmentation penetrating warhead unguided aircraft C-80FP rocket projectile equipped with a small-type high-energy solid rocket propellant motor, and last but not least, the state-of-the-art Russian MRLS 9К515.

9К515 MRLS was designed on the basis of Smerch MRLS as a result of:

  • Development of brand new guided missiles with a firing range up to 120 km, fitted with a control system that is built on a strap-down inertial navigation system with enabled onboard equipment of satellite navigation system and with the possibility to bring individual flight mission data to each missile;
  • Upgrade of launch vehicles for Smerch MRLS, which ensures launch preparation and firing of both types of RPs (for Smerch MRLS and the newly developed guided missiles) without the crew leaving the cabin;
  • Equipping the launch vehicle with an autonomous topographic survey system and navigation system.

Currently, the following systems are available for export deliveries:


  1. 122-mm Rocket Projectiles (RPs):
  • High-effect warhead 9М521 RP;
  • HE-fragmentation separable warhead 9М522 RP;
  • Shaped-charge fragmentation submunitions 9М218 RP.
  1. 2B17-1 Launch Vehicle (LV) equipped with automated laying fire and control system (ALFCS).



  1. 122-mm Rocket Projectiles (RP):
  • High-effect HE-fragmentation warhead 9M538 RP;
  • High-effect separable HE-fragmentation warhead 9M539 RP;
  • Shaped-charge fragmentation submunitions warhead 9M541 RP.
  1. 2B17M launch vehicle equipped with ALFCS and ground launch preparation and firing equipment.


TOS-1A Heavy Flame Throwing System:

  • 220-mm extended range MO.1.01.04M unguided RP.



  1. 300-mm RPs:
  • Fragmentation submunitions warhead 9М525 RP;
  • HE-fragmentation separable warhead 9М528 RP;
  • Fuel-air explosive warhead 9М529 RP;
  • Shaped-charge fragmentation submunitions warhead 9М531 RP;
  • Sensor-fuzed submunitions warhead 9М533 RP.
  1. 9А52-2 LV (on МАZ chassis), 9А52-2Т LV (on Тatra chassis), 9А52-4 LV (lightweight six-round launcher mounted on elongated KAMAZ chassis) equipped with ALFCS.
  2. 9Т234-2, 9Т234-2Т, 9Т234-4 Transporter-Loaders.
  3. 9F819 Arsenal Equipment.
  4. 9F827 Training Aids.
  5. 9F840 Training Set.
  6. MP32М1Unified Command and Staff Vehicle.
  7. 1B44 Radio Direction-Finding and Meteorological Complex.


MRLS 9K515:

  1. 300-mm Guided Missiles:
  • Shaped-charge fragmentation submunitions 9M544 guided missile;
  • Fragmentation submunitions 9M549 guided missile.
  1. 9А54 Launch Vehicle equipped with automated laying fire and control system (ALFCS) and ground launch preparation and firing equipment (GLPE).


Specialists of the company have developed an upgraded algorithm for standard rocket projectiles for Grad, Grad-1, and Prima MRLSs, ensuring an increase in the maximum fire range of up to 40 km, as well as the repair documentation for overhauling Uragan MRLS rocket projectiles 9M27F and 9M27K with expired specified service life, so that they get guaranteed 10 years’ shelf life after repair.

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