Use of AI Technology in Medicine in ARMY-2020

As part of a round table discussion to be held as part of ARMY-2020 Forum, participants will be able to discuss the use of the latest information and communication technologies to improve the medical support of troops, and to preserve and strengthen the health of military personnel.

The attention of specialists will be drawn to the issues of implementing information systems and artificial intelligence technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of military personnel, as well as measures to improve the medical support of troops by introducing telemedicine technologies.

Participants in the round table will consider the possibility of integrating the military health care system into the Unified Digital Circuit of National Health Care.

The event will bring together representatives of federal executive authorities, industry, military administration, medical and military medical organizations, higher education institutions, research organizations and public organizations.

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The events of the scientific and business program of the ARMY 2020 International Military and Technical Forum will be held from August 24 to 28, 2020 at the leading exhibition venue of the Russian Ministry of Defence at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre, as well as in direct video conferencing with leading scientific and technical sites in various regions of the country with geography from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk.

The scientific and business program of the Forum includes a wide range of events aimed at discussing and resolving the most pressing problems of innovative development of the Russian defence industry complex, as well as other key issues.

The official representative of the Forum organizer is the Main Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Support of Advanced Technologies (Innovative Research) of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Source - Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

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