Russian Pacific Fleet Holds Drills in Long-Distance Deployment

Russia's Pacific Fleet’s naval task force held drills of anti-terror groups during its long-distance deployment to the Pacific, comprising the corvettes Sovershenny and Gromky, announced the the Fleet’s press office today.

"The personnel of the squad for fighting subversive forces and capabilities who provide the security of ships during their transit by sea practiced the assignment of defending the corvettes against the threat of an attack by a surface fast-speed small-sized target," the press office said in a statement.

During the exercise of inspection groups, the personnel practiced the standard procedures of questioning upon the detection of a suspicious vessels and learnt to work effectively in limited space. Special attention was paid to special gear and arms and the algorithm of the inspection team’s actions under the scenarios of various sudden factors, the statement says.

The Pacific Fleet’s naval task force departed from Vladivostok for its deployment in distant waters on April 1. A series of drills and exercises is scheduled for the warships within the tactical group during its long-distance deployment. Specifically, after departing from Vladivostok, the corvettes and the crews of Ka-27PL anti-submarine warfare helicopters held drills in the Peter the Great Bay to practice take-offs from and landings aboard aircraft-carrying ships, the Fleet’s press office said.

Source - TASS

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