All Defence Sector Information is to Become Confidential

The Russian Ministry of Defence has proposed a plan to to declare all information on the defence sector confidential, reports INTERFAX today.

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The Russian Defense Ministry has a plan to classify information relevant to the defence sector, which is not a state secret, as confidential and to make it an official secret, says the draft of the military department on amendments to the law "On Defense."

"In the media, organizations of the Russian Federations periodically publish official information concerning the organization of state defense, in terms of the creation of weapons and military equipment, financial condition and economic activities etc. Measures carried out within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation to restrict access to information in the field of defense (including in relation to the state defense order), which is not classified as a state secret. in the prescribed manner, it is not possible to fully restrict its distribution in open sources," the military department said in its explanations.

The Russian Defense Ministry believes that information about the defense sector should be protected as family, lawyer or medical information.

According to the document, it is assumed that the prepared draft list of information constituting an official secret in the field of defense will be approved by the country's leadership.

The Russian Ministry of Defense proposes to establish administrative and disciplinary liability for the disclosure of such information.

"Official secrets in the field of defence include information generated by the federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation, federal state bodies, executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local self-government bodies, organizations and citizens of powers and functions in the field of defense, as well as measures to organize and the provision of defence, the proliferation of which may harm the defence capability of the state," the draft document says.

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