Kalashnikov Signs Exclusive Supply Contract with MoD

Kalashnikov signed an exclusive contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence for the supply of high-altitude target missiles, stated the press service of the Kalashnikov group earlier this week.

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The Molniya Research and Production Association (part of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies) and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation signed a contract for the supply of 20 "Armavir" high-altitude target missiles for the air defence unit. According to the contract, Molniya will become the exclusive supplier of target missiles until the end of 2022.

The RM-75VU1 "Armavir" target missiles and its low-altitude modification RM-75MVU1 are designed to provide combat training measures for anti-aircraft missile forces and weapons tests. "Armavir" was created on the basis of the 5Ya23 anti-aircraft missile of the S-75 "Dvina" complex. The production of the target missiles is carried out through a deep modernization of the on-board equipment of anti-aircraft guided missiles, previously withdrawn from service.  

The new contract provides for service maintenance, operational repair, and revision of target missiles by the company's specialists in military units and at training ranges, as well as consultations with representatives of the military department.

Last year, Molniya entered into a two-year agreement with the Ministry of Defence for servicing target missiles and target complexes, becoming the only enterprise servicing all the country's air defence range equipment. In addition, the Association continues to service the Strizh and Armavir target missiles supplied to the troops under previously signed contracts.

Research and Production Association (NPO) "Molniya" was founded on February 26, 1976, as the head enterprise of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR for the creation of a glider of the orbital space shuttle "Buran". The enterprise was founded on the basis of three design bureaus - "Molniya", "Burevestnik" and the Experimental Machine-Building Plant. In addition to the space program, the enterprise also developed a military direction - target missiles of various modifications were designed and created, intended for training the combat skills of the air defence forces. Currently, NPO Molniya is part of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies. The enterprise continues engineering and design work to create and improve target missiles. Aerospace developments are underway.

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