US Military Hit By More Than 5000 Covid-19 Infections

The United Department of Defence has recorded more than 5000 coronavirus cases last week. This has been an upward trend with hundreds of new cases every day.

“Our desire, our aspiration is to expand testing, especially for groups that are probably going to be in tighter quarters,” Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Military Times , including submarine and Air Force bomber crews, as well as basic trainees.

With hundreds of asymptomatic coronavirus cases in the military, more thorough testing will be critical to decisions about reducing restrictions on movement and gathering.

Troops’ infection rate now stands at 1,338-per-million, or 0.1 percent, versus the overall U.S. rate of 1,770-per-million, or close to 0.2 percent. Currently, DoD can analyze about 9,000 swabs a day, but the logistics of moving samples from around the world to the closest lab has proven complicated.

Source - Military Times

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