15,000 Russian Troops Put Under Quarantine for 2 Weeks

Troops that took part in the rehearsals and preparations for Victory Day will be quarantined for two weeks, announced the Russian Ministry of Defence. Earlier on April 16 President Putin had postponed the landmark military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of Soviet victory in World War II, in an attempt to contain of the novel coronavirus.

"In accordance with the decision to postpone the dates of the military parade on the Red Square, the departure of military teams to permanent deployment centres was organised [...] Upon the arrival of military personnel at permanent deployment locations, all military personnel participating in the training will be quarantined," - said in the Ministry of Defence.

The military department clarified that all vehicles, as well as railway cars involved in the transportation of personnel to the permanent deployment points, will be disinfected to prevent the occurrence and spread of viral infections. "All personnel are provided with personal protective equipment," said the report.

Military equipment that participated in the training for the parade after maintenance was left in storage at the combined arms unit of the Western Military District, added to the Ministry of Defence.

Source - TASS

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