Russian Company Develops a Robot for Disinfection Duty

National Technological Initiative (NTI) Autonet announced today that it has developed a robotic modification intended to disinfect premises in the autonomous mode. This announcement comes in the midst of the dire need for solutions to fight the pandemic and that reduce the risk of human-to-human contact. About 10,000,000 Rubles ($135,000) were invested in this upgrade

The new vehicle is an upgrade of the Junior family of robots from Aurora Robotics. The vehicle can be mounted on the tracked or wheeled chassis and has a lifting capacity of 50 kg, which makes it possible to install a special spray device and reservoirs for the disinfection liquid. The upgraded Junior can operate for about two hours on a single charge.

"An innovative alternative to the classical process of disinfecting premises has appeared. It allows carrying out this work in the autonomous mote or remotely by an operator, ensuring the complete safety of the life and the health of the personnel involved and considerably simplifying the process of the sanitary treatment," the company told TASS today.

Aurora Robotics is designing a kit for creating programmable unmanned vehicles; the kit will include an electric car mockup a bit larger than 1m, a navigation chip, spatial orientation sensors and cameras, a remote control unit, and even a laptop for programming the device. Roborace will enable highschool and engineering university students to learn the basics of how autonomous car control systems are made.

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