Combat Robot “Marker” to be Completed in 2021

Development and tests of Russia‘s robotised combat platform Marker will be completed next year, the deputy head of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects has said in an interview with Sputnik. “The project should be finalised in 2021,” said Vitaly Davydov.

There are plans to create a demonstrator, representing five robotic platforms equipped with payload modules, he added. “Small arms ; a machine-gun; a grenade launcher, including an automated one; and drones and loitering munition launching cartridges can serve as the payload of these modules, in different configurations,” Davydov explained.

The Foundation for Advanced Research Projects is not authorised to make decisions on making the robot operational, the official noted.

“We are studying advanced technologies and proving the possibility to create on their basis some prospective weapons and units of military equipment. Relevant governmental customers are in charge of making decisions on creating specific units on the basis of the results obtained by the foundation,” Davydov went on to say.

This is why the foundation maintains close contact with the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Security Service, the Emergencies Ministry and the National Guard, the official said.

The robotised combat platform is developed jointly by the Foundation for Advanced Research Projects and the Android Technics association.

Source - Ria Novosti

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