International ARMY Games 2022 Planning Starts

The first International Planning Conference on the preparation and holding of the Army International Games 2022 (Army Games 2022) was held by the Russian Ministry of Defence. According to the Russian MoD, the conference was attended by more than 100 representatives of the military departments of the organizing countries of Army Games 2022 and the military-diplomatic corps from more than 40 states.

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In a statement published today, the Ministry of Defence announced that representatives of military departments from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iran, China, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, and Sri Lanka participated in the event via videoconference.

During the conference, military attachés of foreign countries, representatives of the countries organizing the competitions were informed about organizational issues, the distribution of competitions between the countries was also put for discussion. They were presented with the peculiarities and procedure for holding competitions. Representatives of the military departments of Venezuela and Sri Lanka expressed their country's desire to hold a number of Army Games competitions on their territories for the first time.

Also within the framework of the planning conference, a meeting of the international organizing committee for the preparation of Army Games 2022 was held, at which the participants and organizers of the games discussed a number of organizational issues related to the Regulations on Refereeing, the work of the Main Judicial Commission, the distribution of competitions between countries, and the organization of information support.

As Colonel-General Ivan Buvaltsev noted: "The 2022 Army International Games will be held from 13 to 27 August. During the games, it is planned to hold 36 international competitions with the maximum expansion of the geography of their holding to 15 countries. Invitations to participate in Army Games 2022 were sent to military departments of about 100 countries.

The Organizing Committee of Army Games 2022 expects that at least 300 teams will take part in the competition next year. Among the competitions proposed for next year were two new ones: the competition of railway troops units "Steel Highway" and the competition among ammunition transportation teams "Special Dash".

Already in April next year, the first competition of the Army International Games 2022 - "Sayan March" - will be held on the basis of the Ergaki military-sports training center in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

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