RCV “Type-X” Introduced by Estonia’s Milrem Robotics

Estonian's Milrem Robotics has been working on developing a Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV), named Type-X. The new RCV has new manned and unmanned capablities that could be deployed in modern combat.

“Milrem planned to unveil the mockup of Type-X at the Eurosatory 2020 event,” Kuldar Väärsi, Milrem CEO told Defense Update, “We plan to complete the prototype of the vehicle by the end of the third quarter of 2020 and begin mobility testing in October.”

The 12-ton and 6-meters long RCV is a modular chassis that accommodates various configurations; the first variant will be used to assess the performance of the chassis. The prototype will carry a generic turret, mounting a 30 mm cannon, and is upgradable to 50mm.

Air-delivery options are available, including airdrop by parachute, low altitude parachute extraction (LAPES) as well as sling-loading under heavy transport helicopters such as Chinook and Super Stallion (CH-47D/F and CH-53G/K). Such capabilities are currently unattained by other combat vehicles of this type.

Four operators stationed in a ‘Mothership’ APSC will be able to operate an entire RCV platoon. Similar actions will be done from main battle tanks or ACVs. Illustration: Milrem Robotics.

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