US DoD Asks for $2.865B for Hypersonic Weapons

A budget document for the US Department of Defence (DoD) that has been published reveals that DoD has asked the Congress $for 2.865 billion, 14 percent more than 2020, for hypersonic weapons.

According to Breaking Defense, that published the document contents, "Army and Navy hypersonics spending would nearly double in 2021. Each increases by 95 percent. But that’s offset by a 40 percent reduction in spending by independent defense agencies like DARPA, which are handing off much of the work to the services as programs move from basic research to prototyping, and a 35 percent cut in the Air Force, which cancelled one of its two major hypersonics programs."

The publication of this budget document comes at the same time Russian Minister of Defence, Sergey Lavrov, announced that Moscow is open for a dialogue with Washington on new advanced developments, including hypersonic weapons.

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