International Security

Caspian Tangle

Author Oleg Gerasimov. The disintegration of the Soviet Union did not contribute to the world’s stability, but rather brought a large number of contradictions in an enormous melting pot of potential conflicts, which were basically caused by the presence of non-regulated zones and the spheres of bilateral relations.   Today, mass media pay great attention…
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Syria, Turkey, Iran – Highlighting the Key Points

By Leonid Nersisyan, military analyst. A few weeks earlier, Turkey sent troops to the border areas of Syria. The need to clear the Daesh militants from the city of Jarabulus, to support the forces of the pro-Turkish Syrian moderate opposition was named as the official reason for it. This action of the Turkish leadership has…
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Deveselu: East and West, PR & Business

Text: Gabriela Ionita, a Romanian journalist, Editor in Chief of Power & Politics World. Political analyst, expert in the field of international relations and security issues analysis (mainly connected with the Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States). She took her university degree in Communication and Public Relation at the National School of Political and Administrative…
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For Tank Crew Safety

Armed conflicts in Ukraine and Syria where Russian weapons and military equipment are intensely used, along with the ongoing process of retrofitting of the Russian Armed Forces have resulted in a growing interest in the performance of Russian combat vehicles, including tanks. As experts have been arguing about the survivability of the Soviet main battle…
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