2016, №1 (38)

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Russia Selects Horizons for Science

  Russia is to determine what scientific trends will be of priority for the country and allow Russia to become one of the leading technological countries by 2035.       By Sergey Kovalchenkov   Russian Mountains The National Technological Initiative (NTI) as one of priorities of the national policy was enunciated by Russian president…
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Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles for Hydraulic Facilities Safety Assurance

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles for Hydraulic Facilities Safety Assurance       Introduction The history of hydraulic facilities development, particularly the development of HPP dams and dikes is full of emergency and accident events. So far, HPP safety systems have mainly been threatened by natural disasters and criminal groups, which prefer the old-fashioned way by…
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For Tank Crew Safety

Armed conflicts in Ukraine and Syria where Russian weapons and military equipment are intensely used, along with the ongoing process of retrofitting of the Russian Armed Forces have resulted in a growing interest in the performance of Russian combat vehicles, including tanks. As experts have been arguing about the survivability of the Soviet main battle…
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All-Seeing Eye

As soon as people started to conquer “the fifth ocean”, or the sky, they made attempts to look behind the enemy lines, using air surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles. At first, such aircraft as hot-air balloons and airships were used to solve this problem but they failed to accomplish this task completely and, by the way,…
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Arms Export: Weapon Generation Change Around the Corner

  According to reliable sources, including Western expert community, Russia continues to hold its position as the world’s second largest arms exporter.   By Leonid Nersisyan For example, the research group for the U.S. Congress states that in 2014 the arms export income of Russian companies totaled $10.2 billion, maintaining the same level in comparison…
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Syria: Direct and Indirect Tasks

 In late September 2015, the scenario that had seemed to be a sci-fi story or a computer game’s script became real. The Russian Air Force launched an air operation against militants of the so-called “Islamic State” (the terrorist organization banned in Russia). By Pavel Rumyantsev and Leonid NersisyanSince late August, the events were developing rapidly. The…
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