2016, №4 (41)

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NATO and Global Policy in Rambo Style

By Gabriela Ionita. When viewed from a world-wide perspective America is what in the language of Hollywood producers is called an overplay. This means a play-actor, not very bright and talented, but possessing with very distinctive physical features who exaggerates all the techniques he knows, from gestures to his speech, trying to be noticeable or…
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Caspian Tangle

Author Oleg Gerasimov. The disintegration of the Soviet Union did not contribute to the world’s stability, but rather brought a large number of contradictions in an enormous melting pot of potential conflicts, which were basically caused by the presence of non-regulated zones and the spheres of bilateral relations.   Today, mass media pay great attention…
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Drones in Russian Army

Author Pavel Rumyantsev.  After the World War II, the progress in electronics, radio equipment, and development of automated control system allowed the leading world powers to develop the first prototypes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by the early 1960s. Shortly after UAVs appeared on the scene, they took a very important position in the field…
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Syria, Turkey, Iran – Highlighting the Key Points

By Leonid Nersisyan, military analyst. A few weeks earlier, Turkey sent troops to the border areas of Syria. The need to clear the Daesh militants from the city of Jarabulus, to support the forces of the pro-Turkish Syrian moderate opposition was named as the official reason for it. This action of the Turkish leadership has…
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Russian Army’s Ground-Based Electronic Warfare Systems

By Pavel Rumyantsev.  In any modern army, communication systems and troop command and control systems are of paramount importance. Communications breakdown and loss of troop command and control or failure to execute these functions with the required efficiency in today’s warfare conditions may result in fatal consequences that cannot often be compensated even with the…
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Strategic Nuclear Forces of Russia and the USA Today and Tomorrow

By Alexander Ermakov, independent military expert Part II. Naval Component The naval component of a modern nuclear triad is represented with nuclear submarines, which are one of the most impressive engineering developments and, at the same time, the most invisible national defence components operating in the silence of the deep sea.   First Experiments The…
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Leaders of the Global Arms Market. Assault Rifles

By Vladislav Grinkevich.  The same model of an assault rifle (or a machine gun) may be critically acclaimed as the world’s best rifle or attained as an absolutely obsolescent weapon. The matter is that there is no general criterion for evaluation of such a weapon – many rifle models have been developed for specific applications…
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