2016, №5 (42)

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Superiores… Facilius… Optimum!!!

By I.V. Kozhemyakin, Head of Defence R&D Agency of St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University  By V.Yu. Zanin, commercial representative, OCEANOS JSC Background In 2013 the State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU) in cooperation with OCEANOS JSC worked on modernization of the diving breathing apparatus DA-21 as a proactive development. In late 2013 a…
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New “Admirals” of the Black Sea Fleet

By Pavel Rumyantsev.  On 9 July 2016, the ‘Admiral Grigorovich’, the newest frigate under Project 11356 completed her passage from the Baltic Sea to Sevastopol and took her place at the moorage wall. For the first time since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Black Sea Fleet of Russia received a new large battle…
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Strategic Nuclear Forces of Russia and the USA. Today and Tomorrow

By Alexander Ermakov.    Part III. Air Component   The role and “philosophy” of the nuclear triad’s air component significantly differs from that of the land and naval components. Though this component is the oldest and the first one to be available for all the “old” nuclear powers, and many countries would now get rid…
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Nagorno-Karabakh: Peaceful Life “Inside the War”

By Leonid Nersisyan.  In the night on April 2, 2016, Nagorno-Karabakh faced an unprecedented level of large-scale armed clashes since the date of signing an open-ended ceasefire agreement in 1994. The war lasted four days in April this year with no territorial losses or gains, but with hundreds of casualties as the only result.  …
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Military Robots: Competition for the Future

By Artur Kovalivsky.   The indisputable fact is that we cannot imagine the future warfare without application of military robots. He who has a greater advantage in technology and even now takes part in the technological race in robotics, will win.    Let’s take a look at products Russia can offer in this field: does…
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