IRS “Rezonans-NE” for the VHF band is intended for early detection of low-signature airborne targets and is a multi-function adaptive coherent radar with a phased antenna array, which includes a complexed secondary radar to determine state affiliation and receive information in the RBS and the MX-10, 12 modes in order to resolve air traffic control problems.

Text by:

  • Efir Shustov, Director General of RC REZONANS CJSC, PhD (Engineering), Professor, chief designer of the IRS
  • Alexander Shcherbinko, Deputy Director General of RC REZONANS CJSC, PhD (Engineering)
  • Ivan Nazarenko, Deputy General Director of RC REZONANS CJSC, Cand.Sc. (Engineering)
  • Alexander Stuchilin, Deputy Director General of RC REZONANS CJSC, Cand.Sc. (Engineering)
  • Vyacheslav Novikov, Technical Director of RC REZONANS CJSC

The system is new generation cognitive radar and is designed for efficient early detection of a broad range of modern and prospective airborne targets, including low-signature cruise and ballistic missiles, hypersonic aircraft, including those based on the “Stealth” technology, in terms of the electronic countermeasures and natural interference.

IRS “Rezonans-NE” has been developed on the basis of the latest achievements in the field of radars, computers, and digital signal processing. It uses the physical principle of the resonant reflection of radio waves from airborne objects, which leads to a sharp increase of the effective reflecting surface. This effect allows negating the techniques to reduce the signature of aircraft and spacecraft.

The lead developer of the IRS “Rezonans-NE” is the RC REZONANS CJSC.

Research center REZONANS was established in 1991 to accelerate the implementation of major works on the state order of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation according to order No. 232of the Director of Research Institute of Long-Range Radio Communication (NIIDAR), dated September 6, 1991.

In 1993, RC REZONANS was transformed into RC REZONANS JSC, in 1999 it was renamed as Research Center NIIDAR-REZONANS CJSC, and in 2009 – into Research Center REZONANS CJSC (RC REZONANS CJSC).

The main line of activity is the implementation of research and design and development works for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, in particular, research works on the development of VHF radar placed in the airborne or ground vehicles. Since 1992, RC REZONANS CJSC has successfully completed six research works and three design and development works as the prime contractor and co-executor. As a result, the enterprise received more than 20 patents for its inventions.

The company has its quality management system and also the Scientific and Technical Council.

As an enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, since 2002 RC REZONANS CJSC has been involved in military-technical cooperation with foreign customers through the ROSOBORONEXPORT JSC.

The main specific features of IRS include: absence of mechanical rotation of antennas; beam-formation of the radar system is performed using an innovative phased array antenna; beam-formation and beam agility in space are controlled electronically.

 The radar system provides the following main objectives:

  • early detection and tracking of a wide range of airborne targets, including low-signature ones, manufactured with the use of “Stealth” technology, hypersonic aircraft, and ballistic missiles;
  • automatic detection of motion parameters of airborne objects (range, azimuth, altitude, speed);
  • automatic recognition of airborne objects’ class of the following types:
  1.    airplane, helicopter, hot-air balloon;
  2.    cruise missile, hypersonic target;
  3.    ballistic target;
  4.    target: single – group; maneuvering – non-maneuvering;
  • automatic output of interconnected radar information to users;
  • identification ‘friend or foe’ in IFF system 40D – work in Mk-XA (Mk XII) system modes used by NATO countries and the international air traffic control systems ICAO ATC RBC;
  • automatic control and display of the status of the technical condition of sub-systems and diagnostics of IRS faults.

IRS can be used as a part of both automated and non-automated units, other units of the armed forces, in order to provide intelligence radar information, and also as an information field radar during combat operations.

IRS “Rezonans-NE” is a product of high operational readiness developed on the principle of modular design. A significant number of simple repetitive units and components, the use of standardized production lines makes IRS “Rezonans-NE” technologically advanced and relatively cheap in manufacture. IRS features simplicity and low cost of operation and is easily comprehensible for operating staff.

IRS is equipped with automatic functional monitoring and diagnosing the failure spot up to easily removable modules, as well as with air-conditioning, automatic fire alarm and fire-fighting systems and other service systems.

The computing system consists of a series of single-board quad-core 7th generation computers and software complex. A stand-alone power supply system consisting of two power plants in the 1E9M2-4 system is possible. IRS can be powered by an industrial network with a consumption capacity of 100 kW.

The radar system has the following modes of operation:

1st mode is designed to detect and track mainly aerodynamic targets (ADT);

2nd mode is designed to detect and track high-altitude, mainly ballistic targets (BT).

Upon detection, as well as upon performance of detection and tracking criteria, targets, such as ADT and BT, may be tracked in each of the operating modes.

IRS modes are controlled independently – from the operator's work station (in data receiving, processing and transmission unit), or remotely from a remote work station (up to 1,000 m).

It is important to emphasize that the implementation of original idea in metal and digits would have been impossible without the selfless work of scientists, engineers and technicians, software programmers, workers, fitters, without the close cooperation of many Russian enterprises.

Saransk Television Plant JSC (Saransk), FSUE Branch of FSUE NIIR – SONIIR (Samara), Instrument Systems CJSC (Moscow), Murom Radio Plant JSC (Murom), IVK JSC, Research & Production Corporation Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant PJSC (Moscow), RPTP Granit JSC (Ryazan) are among them.

High results of the work were marked by the famous “Golden Idea” award with diploma of the 1st degree of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

The mentioned “Golden Idea” award has been approved by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, and is given primarily to those who contributed significantly to building the world class equipment.

Nowadays, the IRS “Rezonans-N” has been commercially produced for the defence of air borders of the Russian Federation, while in the “Rezonans-NE” version it is supplied to other countries of the world.

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