2019, №1 (54)

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Algeria as Export Show-case for Russian Air Defence Systems

By Akram Kharief  Relationship between Algeria and the USSR started even before Algeria got independence. In 1959, when the war of independence was in its pride, Moscow made decision and trained some hundreds of young officers of the National Liberation Army. Other officers, at the same time, have been trained in military educational institutions of…
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Military-Technical Cooperation between Russia and Countries of Pacific Rim

By Andrey Frolov   The sharp breakthrough in “Indian direction” that happened in Autumn 2018 in Russian and Indian MTC, partly symbolizing the beginning of practical intergovernmental arrangement of October 2015 implementation, makes us look again at Arms market of countries of the Pacific Rim in terms of Russia's presence in it. Apparently, in the near future…
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Ongoing challenge of rebuilding the Egyptian army

By Akram Kharief   It is September 2018, the Egyptian Navy, which is one of the largest navy forces in the region, has just signed a 1.3 billion dollars contract for two German frigates MEKO from Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems. Before the official announcement, the German federal government having noted that the funds would come from…
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Europe’s MiG-29 Fleet Review

By Alexander Mladenov The MiG-29 (NATO reporting name Fulcrum) was once the dominant and most capable air defence fighter in Eastern Europe, with as many as 150 machines in service across seven air arms back in 2000. Seventeen years later, the distinctive twin-finned, twin-engined aircraft is becoming an increasingly rare sight. It is now expected that…
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