2019, №1 (54)

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The adjutant of his excellency

Victory in modern combat depends on combination of application of hi-tech weapons, outstanding professional skills and expertise of the personnel operating them, as well as on operational effectiveness of decision making throughout the chain of command. Since the Russian Government has been taking series of steps towards rearmament of its military, there have been consistent…
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Falling of the Column of Strategic Stability

By Alexander Ermakov  After a period of diplomatic crisis and construction of media-propagandistic argumentation, the USA declared the decision to withdraw from the Treaty on intermediate and short range missiles (INF Treaty). This opens the way for development of new classes of armaments, threatens with a new upsurge of armament race and, in perspective, –…
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Perspective Russian Air Defense Missile Systems

By Pavel Rumyantsev  Russia traditionally pays great attention to the creation and development of air defense missile systems (ADMS), which are a key element of the Russian air defense system. At the moment, Russia has the largest range of various air defense systems for different purposes, which is explained by the need to confidently counteract…
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Production of aircraft shock – absorbing seats

  Limited Liability Company Aero Style was established in 2000 as an enterprise for refurbishing line interiors of various aircraft types into business and VIP versions.        For the years of successful operation, Aero Style LLC has mastered a range of different areas:  design, engineering and manufacture of cockpit interiors, as well as…
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New-generation Russian armoured fighting vehicle

The success in military operations in nowaday’s conflicts often depends on the mobility of military formations, in some cases this eliminates the possibility of the battle itself.  High manoeuvrability of small units, especially when moving across irregular terrain with water barriers, could be provided by an armoured fighting vehicle that negotiates the obstacles on the…
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Jamming drones. Reliably. Fast

Any property, civilian or industrial, needs to be well lighted, to have lightning protection and to be safe and secure in general. Each of the above mentioned aspects supposes functioning of video analytics cameras, antennas and other devices responsible for control, monitoring, signal transmission etc. As new technologies allow to find solutions for greater number…
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Putin’s New Strategic Systems: Plans, Realities, and Prospects

By Leonid Nersisyan On April 24, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington) hosted an event dedicated to the new Russian Strategic Systems presented during the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly.  Hypersonic winged combat unit “Avangard” The editor of New Defence Order Strategy magazine Leonid Nersisyan made a report on Russia's new weapons…
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Export of Infantry Combat Vehicles from Russia

By Andrey Frolov  Export of armoured vehicles from Russia is one of the main ones with regard to supply of equipment for ground troops. Supplies of armoured fighting vehicles T-90 of various modifications are the most known in media, while supply of APCs and ICVs remains in some shade. Although, by scopes of supplies in post-Soviet…
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S-400 vs Patriot

The history of the Triumf S-400 and the Patriot Antiballistic Missile system and the Air Defence system development demonstrates the difference of approaches in itself. As for the S-400, we see a system which is primarily intended for immovable objects protection against massive air attack echeloned for time, altitude and direction. The Patriot AA missile system was developed as…
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