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Any property, civilian or industrial, needs to be well lighted, to have lightning protection and to be safe and secure in general.

Each of the above mentioned aspects supposes functioning of video analytics cameras, antennas and other devices responsible for control, monitoring, signal transmission etc. As new technologies allow to find solutions for greater number of various tasks, more new challenges and demands appear, and the number of devices grow, as well as their performance and reliability. So development leads to comprehensive solutions.

Combined experience of the «AMIRA» company, a manufacturer of metal works, high-masts and lighting equipment of any complexity, and the «Integra-S» group of companies, a developer of intellectual integrated safety and control systems, led to development of a comprehensive solution for protection of industrial and civilian property.

The 27-years long experience of the «AMIRA» company shows that development of present-day metal works goes in the way of combination of several functions. Of course, it is possible not in all cases, but under other conditions being equal, each tower or high-mast can be of double, if not even triple purpose. But to achieve this, in the production process it is necessary to take into consideration not only actual load, but also a load which can be added in the nearest future. Optimization and safety – these are the keynote ideas in new metal works development in the «AMIRA» company.

In its turn, the «Integra-S» group of companies for more than 20 years has been developing software and equipment for integrated safety and security of various facilities. The system can even provide a single integrated platform for objects monitoring over the whole country. The system’s capacities include not only continuous visual monitoring and motion detection in covered areas, territory perimeter control, ecologic monitoring, and countercheck of unauthorized entries, but also detection and blocking of control channels for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

As a result, design teams of the two companies, by their joint efforts, have developed the following comprehensive solutions:

  • Radio tower, transmission tower with integrated system of protection against UAVs (Fig. 1). Two such towers can have a coverage area up to 2 km
  • High-mast with integrated systems of video analytics (Fig. 2)

The new constructions allow to provide safety control over territories of civilian and industrial property, and are easily accessible and safe in service. To make it more comfortable for customers, the developers can provide structure erection and software configuration.

Fig. 1. Radio tower RMG Strizh 
Fig. 2. High mast with mobile crown VMO-Integra




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