PD-14 Engines Serial Production Has Been Approved

The certificate of approval of the production organization gives the right to serial production of the latest PD-14 aircraft propulsion engines and supply them to customers for installation on MS-21 serial aircraft. The Rosaviation document was issued to the UEC-Perm Motors enterprise of the United Engine Corporation.

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The certification took place in two stages. In the course of the first, the commission, which included representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Aviation Register of the Russian Federation, analyzed the quality management system (QMS) for compliance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations. At the second stage, experts evaluated the technological processes of manufacturing, assembling, and testing aircraft engines.

“PD-14 became the ancestor of a whole family of domestic power plants, which use the most modern technologies and materials. The received certificate makes it possible to start serial production of these engines. In 2021, it is planned to produce several new PD-14s, which will be used as a reserve during flight tests of the new MS-21-310 aircraft,” said Anatoly Serdyukov, industrial director of the aviation cluster of Rostec State Corporation.

As part of the certification of production, qualification tests of one of the new PD-14 engines were also held, during which the compliance of its technical characteristics with the design documentation was confirmed.

PD-14 is the first turbofan engine created in modern Russia. It was developed on the basis of time-tested design solutions using modern technologies and domestic materials. It is assumed that the operating costs of PD-14 will be 14–17% lower than that of existing similar engines, and the life cycle cost is 15–20% lower.

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