Production of aircraft shock – absorbing seats


Limited Liability Company Aero Style was established in 2000 as an enterprise for refurbishing line interiors of various aircraft types into business and VIP versions. 




For the years of successful operation, Aero Style LLC has mastered a range of different areas: 

  • design, engineering and manufacture of cockpit interiors, as well as aircraft seats, couches, other pieces of furniture and interior elements of the aircraft passenger cabins; 
  • engineering and manufacture of elements of spherical screens, pilot cockpit mock-ups, seats and control systems for various types of aircrafts for training complexes; 
  • manufacture and installation of air conditioning systems on aircrafts; 
  • engineering and manufacture of technological molding tools and final products from polymeric composite materials by cold and hot-forming methods (pressing method of thermovacuum molding); 
  • manufacture of decorative parts from artificial stone, polyester plastics. 

Aero Style LLC developed and launched its own mass-production of completion parts, such as: individual lamps, general lighting flat lamps, LED linears, ashtrays, coasters, luminous information boards. The products have passed the full complex of tests for compliance with aviation standards.

Special attention is paid to the design, engineering and manufacture of shock-absorbing aircraft seats of a wide range of use with specified weight, functional and durability characteristics.

Due to the use of new materials, innovation additive technologies, original energy-absorbing device, modern design, compactness, significantly reduced weight and improved ergonomics we reached the level of the world's leading manufacturers of the aircraft seats! Besides, the cost of the seats is 30% lower than that of foreign analogues, and the extent of production localization reaches 80%! Part of the works under this project is financed by FSBI Small Enterprise Assistance Fund (Innovation Promotion Fund).

In the portfolio of orders of Aero Style LLC there are some projects for development and production of furniture and interior items by orders of shipbuilding enterprises – various types of seats, ceiling and wall coverings, etc.

Works on designing and manufacture of the aerodynamic component of the renewable energy source (RES) prototype – the wind driven generator (WDG) of vertically oriented type as part of a hybrid power complex (HPC) are carried out at present.

Aero Style LLC is licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to develop and manufacture light aircrafts, helicopters and UAVs. The work on modification and improvement of critical elements of aircraft is constantly carried out, the patents for utility models and inventions in this field have been obtained.

The production base of Aero Style LLC is located in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region and occupies about 3,000 square meters.

Aero Style LLC has modern software and a fleet of CNC equipment, including milling and turning machines for processing metals and non-metallic materials, as well as for laser cutting.

Strong relations with the best domestic and world suppliers of equipment, materials and components have been established.

Aero Style LLC successfully implemented a series of projects in close and long-term cooperation with FSUE “GosNII GA”, FSUE “TsAGI named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky”, FSUE “VIAM” All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials and other enterprises. Within the years of work Aero Style has been cooperating with the leading companies of Russian Aerospace Industry, such as SCAC, “Irkut Corporation” PJSC, “Ilyushin Aviation Complex” PJSC, “Kamov” JSC, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC.

Engineering center has been set up on the basis of the company; it was founded for research and development works, introduction of innovative technologies, conduct of a wide range of tests on prototypes and materials, for development and designing in accordance with the current GOST design and process documentation for enterprises of various industries in the Russian Federation.


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