2020, №5 (64)

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The Present is Great With the Future

Alexandra Grigorenko Editor-in-chief of the "New Defence Order. Strategy"               "The present is great with the future" Leibniz                               The connectedness of the present and the future down to the smallest atom of our existence…
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Mi-24s still serving in Eastern Europe

The Mi-24/35 (NATO reporting name Hind) is an attack helicopter type which was once in mass use in Eastern Europe, operated in the 1990s and the early 2000s by the air arms of no less than seven countries, with a total fleet exceeding 170 aircraft
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Thomas Countryman: On Russian-American Strategic Relations

Thomas Countryman, the chairman of the Arms Control Association board of directors since 2017, gave a lecture to the students of the ‘Strategic and Arms Control Studies’ Master’s program, at the School of International Relations, Saint Petersburg State University. This is the full transcript of the lecture.
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Leap into Opportunity Space

Use of “Digital Twin” technology encircles the entire product life cycle, from design (including avant-project, research and development) through manufacturing to after-sales service / maintenance and repairs
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Industry 4.0

Digitalization is not just one of the global modern trends. Today it is already a necessity, a tool not only for development, but and survival.
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Military hypersonic technology in the US

After a public presentation of Russian programs on March 1, 2018, the US defense industry and military doubled down on obtaining funding for development of own hypersonic weapons, resulting in a number of parallel programs one can easily become confused in
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