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Energiya JSC was established in 1941. Over 75 years, Energiya JSC has been maintaining its edge as one of the leading manufacturers of electrochemical generators across Russia and CIS countries.




Energiya JSC was established in 1941.

On September 15, 1941, the plant was launched into operation.

On October 8, 1941, the first batch of electrochemical cells (wafer-type anode batteries with resin insulation) was produced. This date is celebrated by the plant workers as the plant’s foundation day.

Over 75 years, Energiya JSC has been maintaining its edge as one of the leading manufacturers of electrochemical generators across Russia and CIS countries.



Since 2007, the plant started to produce super-capacitors with high specific characteristics and long service life. These products are widely used both in civil industry (in hybrid vehicles, railway rolling stock, quality energy systems) and for Ministry of Defense needs, including latest advanced military equipment.

Since 2013, the company has been series producing home-designed Li-Ion batteries in response to the demand from the MoD. The company has also mastered production of a wide range of LI-based batteries and battery banks. In this area, Energiya JSC takes a leading place among the manufacturers of these products.

In 2015, in the framework of the import substitution program, we offer innovative solutions for a wide general market: sources of current ensuring reliable operation in a wide temperature range, with a high discharge rate and long storage life (up to 10 years), matching the performance of foreign counterparts:

  • FR14G505 and FR10G445 elements, АА and ААА standard sizes, lithium – iron disulfide electrochemical system;
  • CR34615 element, D standard size, lithium – manganese disulfide electrochemical system;

In 2017, the FR14G505 element was issued a quality declaration under the program “Russia’s Top 100 Goods.”

Energiya JSC operates in the following key markets: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania.



In 2020, the plant launched production of LIP-72, LIC-3 batteries of 18650 standard size for use in such areas as e-transport, UAVs, energy storage systems for household, office, healthcare institutions etc., as well as uninterruptible power supplies.

We replace lead-acid batteries in cellular providers’ UPS. The plant successfully tested and piloted the use of LI cylindrical batteries ICR 14/51 (14500 standard size) in wearable technical rehabilitation equipment such as prosthetics.

Over the recent years, the company’s management has its focus on import substitution of materials and on supplies of Russian-manufactured products.

The plant’s core area of operation is design and manufacturing of autonomous power sources for domestic, general industry and special-purpose equipment used in aviation; in river and sea fleet; in emergency communication and signaling on water, in air and on the ground; fire extinguishing systems and other various purpose appliances; and also for radio equipment, household electric and electronic appliances, medical devices, toys and games.





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