2014, №5 (32)

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«Triumph»: reliability and quality

Triumph Ship-Building Company, being a successor of glorious traditions of Russian boatbuilding, is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the creation of light-duty boats for law enforcement and civilian agencies. Many years of experience in the construction of boats help to achieve high rates of speed while using engines with less power, thus significantly…
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Do It Yourself, or Back to the Future?

The international economic sanctions aimed not at certain Russian politicians and leaders but at entire industries, primarily – military-industrial complex, exposed a tangled ball of problems which for some obscure reason for a long time remained unseen for our officials from their high places. Obviously, they did not read the press either – experts and…
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Future Of The Russian Navy Atmospheric Diving Suits

The Kursk nuclear-powered submarine tragedy which occurred on August’ 12, 2000 exposed the problems in the organization and procurement of the Russian Navy. Lack of the modern systems supporting deepwater and emergency rescue operations resulted in the necessity of contracting foreign companies and experts. Sad lessons were learnt and in the framework of the salvage…
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«Turn-Key» Defense Capacity

Stuffed canardIn the first decade of September 2014 Russian military-industrial complex was shocked by surprising news: quite respectable mass media, including international ones spread the information that the President of Russia after consultations with the Prime Minister (and possibly – by the initiative of the latter) abolished … Rosoboronexport.However, quite soon it turned out that…
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Medicine Getting Ready for Catastrophes

“Soft Security” concept is wide and includes environment, fire-safety measures and food component which recently became so much topical for many people. However, the most important for Russians is now medical aspect and in its interface with other soft security components (first and foremost, people rescue in case of various emergencies) the state and community…
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The Ups and Downs of Test Pilots

This is an article about the history and fate of the amazing people who let the mankind step into the sky, about their successes, failures, accidents and achievements. The victors Obviously, the first test pilots, in the sense that we are putting in the word today, were the builders of the first airplanes, aerodynes. But…
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Tor: miss will not be

On the back of active antagonism of airborne threats and air defense equipment it has long become apparent a tendency of transfer of confrontation domain to very low altitudes. It significantly complicates mission of Air Defense since it not only impairs accuracy of weapon guidance towards a target but abruptly reduces the range of attack…
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Fortress Aircraft of the World War I

War of motors In the early 20th century, the structure of the Russian Army included 12 military districts (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Finland, Vilna, Warsaw, Kiev, Odessa, Kazan, Caucasus, Turkestan, Siberia and the Amur). The Don Cossack Army was an independent military formation. The armed forces of the Russian Empire, as well as in many other…
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Space for Everybody

Weiyang is a tiny planet with the orbit inside the Mercury orbit. On average its distance from the Sun is about ten million kilometers. It was discovered three years ago by Chinese comrades and called “Weiyang” – “the Sun’s bodyguard” or something like that. […] Lu Shi-er failed to closely approach this planet but he…
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