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триумфTriumph Ship-Building Company, being a successor of glorious traditions of Russian boatbuilding, is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the creation of light-duty boats for law enforcement and civilian agencies.

Many years of experience in the construction of boats help to achieve high rates of speed while using engines with less power, thus significantly reducing operating costs. The dimensions allow to transfer the boats from one theater of operations to another by rail, road and water transport.

Since 2004, Triumph Company provides boats with armor protection of 1–3 class for law enforcement agencies. The use of synthetic textile armor protects the crew from small arms, and the light weight of armor protection does not affect the speed and maneuverability performance. To protect the waters of nuclear power stations, patrol boats are additionally equipped with mini-laboratories with the ability to control radiation and environmental conditions. All this was made possible due to the close creative collaboration with the leading institutions of the sector and related industries (Armocom Center, JSC “Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon – Gidropribor” STC “Yafi”, Transas Navigator, STC “RADEC“and others). The functions of the patrol boats are constantly expanding. The integrated system of navigation and detection of trespassing objects in the patrolled waters, as well as the detailed monitoring of the environment has been designed and installed. The integrated system of navigation and detection of trespassing objects combines the detection of the target (the trespasser) and the determination of its range with the functions of the chart plotter, providing visual information, scanning of the trespasser’s inspected vessel in the remote inspection mode.

Using its internal potential, its own design bureau and production facilities, Triumph Company is constantly improving and upgrading the line of boats. Over 14 years, the company has developed 9 new projects, upgraded 5 projects, built 348 boats and motor boats: “Belaya Akula”, “Kasatka”, “Strizh-4-1-D”, “Sapsan”, “Strizh-7”, “Kondor”, “Orlan”, “Strizh-4”, “Strizh-5”, “Platon”, “Platon-1”, “Chernaya Akula”.

10 Stavropolskaya Street, St. Petersburg, 191124, Russia

Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 271-12-84

E-mail: sktriumph@yandex.ru, http://www.triumph.newboat.ru

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