2015, №4 (36)

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Arzamas Instrument Plant: Heading for the Development

INSET: Arzamas Instrument Plant (AIP) named after P. I. Plandin JSC is a leader of the country’s defense and industry complex. It is the world-renowned plant manufacturing instruments for aviation, missile, space industries as well as a wide range of civil-purpose products. For more than 50 years the company has accumulated a vast experience in the design and…
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Family of underwater gliders – new prospects

A. Gaykovich, PhD in Engineering Science, Deputy General Director, JSС “NPP PT “OCEANOS” JSC “NPP PT “Oceanos” has been working on its own initiative since 2011 in collaboration with the State Marine Technical University of St.-Petersburg (SMTU) and other higher academic institutions of the country on building a family of underwater vehicles with predominantly hydrodynamic principles of…
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Combat experience: like sitting on a powder keg

The craftiness of these tatty-looking "crocks" or, conversely, elegant "jiggers", lies in their relatively small size, efficiency of destruction, stealth, surprise application, remote detonation possibility and a dozen of other "advantages."At the peak of mine warfareMy archive includes a document "Battle report of engineering service of Internal Troops of the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs…
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Peaceful Laser in Mobilization Reserve

Russian scientific breakthrough in the sphere of laser developments provides evidence that our scientists frequently get ahead of their foreign colleagues. Moreover, months are counted. Now it would be great to support investigations with prompter implementation. Laser in Military Uniform Tests of new electronic warfare system for upgraded strike helicopter Mi-28NM “Night Hunter” will be…
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The new engine by JSC “Zvezda” is by 70% localized

In 2011 a number of sub-programs under the Federal Special Purpose Program “National Technological Base” was launched, one of which concerned the diesel engine manufacturing. JSC “Zvezda” is one of the key enterprises in the implementation of the subprogram. Our interviewee today is Pavel Plavnik, Chairman of the Board of Directors. - Mr. Plavnik, what…
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Our Deeds of Arms

First serial batch of “Ratnik” outfit was supplied to troops in May of the current year. Allegedly, the three-year contract specifies annual supply of 50 thousand kits of “Ratnik” outfit”. Protection Starts at the Head Some ground units of the Russian Army marched over the Red Square on May 9, 2015 dressed in the new…
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What kind of the BRICS does Russia need?

The Russia's "U-turn to the East" started and turned into a strategic course long before the famous Crimean events. However, "the light at the end of the tunnel" for the BRICS transformation into the real, working union of states is far from being seen. The BRICS with its own financial system? Russian President Vladimir Putin…
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From Aircraft Carriers to Mobile Maritime Airfield Complexes

Prof. Vladimir Polenin, Doctor of Military Science Nikolay Khrymov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering) Currently, the U.S. Navy Nimitz heavy aircraft carriers are modified versions of the Forrestal (CV-59) type aircraft carriers developed in the second half of the twentieth century. Even the building of a new series of heavy aircraft carriers of Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)…
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