Our Deeds of Arms

First serial batch of “Ratnik” outfit was supplied to troops in May of the current year. Allegedly, the three-year contract specifies annual supply of 50 thousand kits of “Ratnik” outfit”.

Protection Starts at the Head

Some ground units of the Russian Army marched over the Red Square on May 9, 2015 dressed in the new Russian combat outfit. The outfit has been developed by the FSUE “Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering” (TsNIITOChMASh). It includes mutually integrated weapon, protective, control, life support and energy supply systems. In other words, the “Ratnik” program allows the full spectrum of tasks arising before the soldier in combat situation.
First of all, protection of the combatant is considerably improved. Fragment-proof helmet with protective goggles ensures the same level of protection as foreign equivalents that are heavier in weight. That is, the head is protected against fragments and PM handgun bullets from 5 m range and TT handgun bullets from 50 m range. Protective structure of the frame is constituted from discrete-webbing materials based on aramid fibers. At the same time, the specified protective properties are kept within the temperature range from -50 °С to +50 °С.
Adjustable helmet liner helps the helmet be adjusted for the head size and ensures additional shock-absorbing in case of shocks and fragment hits. At the same time the helmet design allows additional devices to be fitted on that. Helmet-mounted monitors, for example. Active noise cancelling headset, while protecting soldier ear against bark of guns, increases weak sounds.
At the same time, other models of armor helmets can be used.

Omnia Mea Mecum Porto

The outfit is based on armid overalls.
In turn, configuration of fragment and bullet protection of the armor vest ensures minimal immobility during fulfillment of combat missions. Beside traditional chest and back sections the armor vest is equipped with fragment-proof side and ventilation and shock-absorbing modules. When discussing the basic configuration, it is completed with two unified ceramic-composite armor panels for reinforcing chest and back sections. For quick removal in extreme situation this component of the outfit is equipped with an emergency removal device.
Certainly, according to the modern “military fashion” the outer surface is fitted with unified fastening system for additional equipment: signal light, grenades, bullet cases... Sets feature a complex composition. For example, for “arctic” design version the number of ammunition layers amount to six for combat vehicle crew and seven for combat outfit.
The outfit is completed with autonomous source of heating, raider backpack, camouflage kits, water filter and first aid kit.

“Strelets” and AK-12

Totally about 20 different components are included into the “Ratnik” outfit set, which can be inter-configured depending on a task to be completed. In particular, the outfit set includes the “Strelets” control system including communication, target detection, data processing, display and identification means. In the essence, that is a personal computer with various peripheries.
The device allows positions of all combatants of own unit to be monitored via a satellite map, to see their state (wounded or not) and to transmit messages, to receive photo and video images, and indicate new targets on the map. Provide guidance and target detection for artillery and aircrafts.
It is curious that the device can be controlled even by touch.
Kalashnikov AK-12 gun complete the whole set. Main task during development of AK-12 was improvement of ergonomic characteristics of the weapon, increase of its versatility along with preservation or some improvement of combat characteristics, for example, reliability, life, accuracy of fire in different modes.

One Warrior-Host Goes after Another

The main thing is that upgrading process for the considered outfit has been started by designers synchronously with supply of “Ratnik”. The project is conditionally titled as “Ratnik2”. As Mr. Dmitry Semizorov, Director General of TsNIITOChMASh, says there are plans for reinforcing the outfit with a device, which allows the human muscular strength to be increased up to several times. Thus, it can be used as an exoskeleton.
The outfit will be modified too. For example, advisability of integration of fabric layers with armor protection components is considered. Besides, designers create overalls integrating the jacket and trousers and, thus, number of layers is decreased and dressing process is simplified.
Serial production of a new sample of outfit and its supply to military units is expected in 2020. Nevertheless, within the whole period “Ratnik-1” will be upgraded. Thus, by 2017 the kit will include identification systems working as per “friend-foe” principle.
In return, Kalashnikov Concern has announced their plans related to entry to this market. New dress and outfit kits are going to be produced here. “In modern combat situation complex solutions in the field of the outfit, in which each component is integrated with others in ideal fashion and works for general task of the combatant to be completed, become matters of a key importance”, states Mr. Alexey Krivoruchko, Head of the Concern.
The system will be developed considering specific character and technical parameters of Russian-made weapons, equipment and technical facilities employed by FSB special forces, special-operations forces, MIA, FIS and FSO of Russia.
It is rather logical to expect that, in the end, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation will take the best solutions from designers, thus, creating mortal hybrids to be deathful for enemies.